Our Story

Traysiah and Thomas


What our visitors are saying

"There's no greater discovery,

than stumbling upon the vast silence and peace, 

that lies within yourself."

- Traysiah Spring

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The Co-Creators

Traysiah Spring and Thomas Bakken come from very different backgrounds, yet they came together with their passion of how meditation can transform your life. Between the two of them, they have over 75 years of experience in meditation, holistic health and teaching. 

Traysiah has been meditating for more than 45 years and has been teaching meditation, as well as, working in Ayurveda and other holistic healing modalities for over 3 decades. She has also been studying Vedic Astrology for over 27 years and does SoulPurpose Astrology Consultations with clients all over the world.

Thomas has been a school teacher for over thirty years, and has a Masters Degree in Special Education. His resolve has been to work with "those who need compassion the most" and he has done so by working with 'at risk' youth, and students with special needs, in a Juvenile Corrections facility for over 15 years. He brought meditation to his students and saw remarkable results, which inspired a passion to bring meditation and other natural healing methods out to the world.

What our visitors are saying

"Simple Silence came out of a lifetime of my own curiosity about our inner world. And the discovery of the vast wisdom and peace that lies within each of us."

-Traysiah Spring

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Working with Dr. Chopra

Traysiah Spring and Thomas Bakken met at a meditation retreat with Dr. Deepak Chopra, at The Chopra Center for Wellbeing, in 

San Diego California. 

They soon became Certified Chopra Instructors in both 

Meditation and Ayurveda. 

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Traysiah and Thomas worked and volunteered at the Chopra Center for several years. They taught meditation, lead regular group meditations, and assisted in training new certified instructors. They also helped in all aspects of putting on large Chopra events.

Traysiah was an Ayurvedic Consultant, as well, for the guests of the Chopra Center and worked closely with the 

Ayurvedic Doctors in the Wellness Office.

Traysiah and Tom are now married and living in Blaine, WA and are partners in bringing their passion for meditation out to the world.

What our visitors are saying

"Everyone needs to be reminded that they have an infinite resource of silence, peace and joy within themselves."  

- Traysiah Spring

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The Miracle Women

Traysi has the great pleasure of working closely with 

global 'New Thought' leaders, 

Debra Poneman and Marci Shimoff

of 'Your Year of Miracles' - https://youryearofmiracles.com/2018/ 


She assists them in holding transformational retreats, as well as, giving Vedic Astrology consultations for their clients all over the world.

What our visitors are saying

"Traysi is an outstanding speaker and teacher.

She has a natural way of presenting a topic with interest, clarity and enthusiasm, that engages the audience."

- Reverend Blake Isaac, Questhaven Retreat Center, 

San Marcos, CA

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Traysiah Spring, C.Ht., CCI

Traysiah Spring grew up in Canada and was introduced to meditation as a child. In meditation, she had profound experiences of vast inner silence and peace, which set the path of her whole life, in the direction of exploring and sharing about our infinite inner world of silence.  

She has had the good fortune of being a student of great Spiritual Masters, such as - His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Amma-ji and Pandit Vamadeva Shastri.

She studied ancient Vedic Literature at Maharishi International University, majoring in Ayurveda (holistic health) and Vedic Astrology, then worked as an Ayurvedic Practitioner for many years, as well as, assisted in opening three Ayurvedic Clinics across Canada.

She continued her studies in Vedic Astrology, with Master Astrologer Mark Kincaid of 'Nature's Astrology' and has gone on to do Vedic Chart Consultations for countless clients all over the world. She especially has a strong following in Australia and New Zealand.

Traysi then trained to become a Certified Instructor with Dr. Deepak Chopra, in Ayurveda and Meditation and

worked for years at Dr. Chopra's Center for Well-Being, in San Diego, CA, as an Ayurvedic Consultant and Meditation Instructor.

She continued her training in the Holistic Arts, becoming a Certified a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Master in Guided Imagery, a Certified Advanced E.F.T. Practitioner, an Advanced Past Life Facilitator, a Passion Test Facilitator, a Reiki and Pranic Healing Facilitator, as well as, an Ancestral Clearing Facilitator, among other things. She is also a Certified Nursing Assistant for Acute Care.

Traysi has written a book, "Clean Green Healing" and has designed a board game, "The Unity Game".

She has also written a musical screenplay, and has written and recorded several songs.

Traysiah has now been meditating for over 44 years, and has been spending a lifetime writing, singing, speaking, counseling, doing charts and holding retreats, about exploring our inner realm of consciousness –

our own home of peace and silence. 

What our visitors are saying

"Tom excels at creating a supportive rapport with students, and is willing to go the extra mile to ensure that students truly experience learning."

- Susan Mills, Executive Director Tri-County Community Corrections (Retired), Crookston, MN

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Thomas Bakken, MS.ED., CCI 

Thomas Bakken has been a school teacher in Minnesota for over 30 years, with a Masters Degree in Special Education.

For fifteen years, he taught 'at risk youth' and students with special needs in a Juvenile Corrections Facility and after many years of challenges with his students, Thomas decided to learn to meditate to alleviate his own stress.

He took a meditation course with Dr. Deepak Chopra and it changed his life forever.  He felt so much better from the meditation, that he wondered if it would also help his troubled students. He tried teaching meditation to them and saw remarkable results. 

He was so inspired, that it lit a driving passion in him, to devote his life to teaching meditation and other holistic lifestyle modalities to the world.

He moved to San Diego, CA and became a Chopra Certified Instructor in both Ayurvedic Lifestyle and Meditation, and taught Meditation and Ayurveda at the Chopra Center for Wellbeing in San Diego, CA.

He continues to bring meditation to his students that he teaches all over the country now, through an online school - Edgenuity.

What our visitors are saying

"By simply shifting how we perceive the world,

we transform it, from the inside out."

- Thomas Bakken

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