What our visitors are saying

"The meditations, the food, the demonstrations -

it was all wonderful!"

- Diane. I., San Marcos, CA

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Let's Go Deeper

Meditation Retreats are a focused, extended period of time of meditation and meditative activities.

Why would you want to do this?

Doing a daily meditation is a wonderful way to infuse your whole day with more silence and calm, but your busy daily activity can distract you from being aware of the deeper hidden aspect of yourself.

When you give yourself a focused and longer period of meditation time, then you allow your attention to go to a deeper level, opening a doorway to a profoundly silent and infinite part of yourself.

When you allow yourself time to explore this silence within, then it's amazing what realizations, understandings, and inspirations come to you, that uplift all aspects of your life. 

What our visitors are saying

"I felt afterward, as if I had

had a re-boot or re-set for my life."

- Lucy W., Encinitas, CA

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Celebration of Meditation

We offer Meditation Retreats, that are a 

Celebration of Meditation! 

Where we share knowledge about deepening your daily practice of meditation, as well as, discuss ancient wisdom to enliven and uplift you to remember your essential nature of silence. 

The intention is to guide you in experiencing your own insights and transformations, leaving you feeling more relaxed, rejuvenated, and reconnected to your source of peace, joy and healing.

We combine profound wisdom, with surprises and fun, to create an entertaining, and transformational experience for all.

We will be offering In-Person Retreats in Blaine, Washington area. Dates soon to be announced.

What our visitors are saying

"I found the whole experience quite profound on many levels."

- Jenny M. - Bowral, Australia

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Online Weekend Retreat

We are in the process of creating an online program, that guides you in having the full experience of a profound weekend retreat, right in your own home. 

Stay tuned and we will be offering this soon.

What our visitors are saying

"Traysi is an outstanding speaker and teacher.

She has a natural way of presenting a topic with interest, clarity and enthusiasm, that engages the audience."

- Reverend Blake Isaac, Questhaven Retreat Center, San Marcos, CA

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We cater our Retreats ourselves, because we feel that what we nourish our bodies with, has a profound effect on how we feel in our daily experience.

We have developed a simple system of eating, that we call - Clean Green Eating - food that is unprocessed, organic and delicious. It is a delectable, bountiful & abundant way to nourish our body & soul.

All Organic, fresh prepared, free of - gluten, dairy, refined sugar, processing & GMO's.

What our visitors are saying

"Traysi has a welcoming spirit and a talent for making healthy food taste wonderful!"

- Reverend Blake Isaac,

Director of Questhaven Retreat, San Marcos, CA

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