Our Story

At eleven years old, Traysiah was initiated into meditation, and immediately had an experience of sinking deep down into a place within herself, that she had never experienced before. It felt as if she was a heavy stone diving into a deep dark lake. 

At the depths of this inner lake, was a sense of vast silence and profound peace. She felt as if she had come back home and had no interest in returning to the other world, from which she came. 

It was from this moment on, that her life has been focused on exploring and understanding this new silent place within herself - within all of us.

She has now been meditating for over 43 years, and by making it a priority in her life, she has been blessed to have studied with some of the greatest spiritual masters alive at this time. 

She feels that this life has been about being a sponge, to absorb as much knowledge as possible from these great teachers, as well as, a being chance to explore the depths of her own inner resource.

Then Traysiah met Thomas at a meditation retreat and they instantly recognized a joy and passion in each other, for the wonders and gifts of meditation.

Thomas has been a school teacher for over 30 years and had been a pioneer in bringing meditation into the classroom everyday. He saw how it opened something up in the students, so that they became more available for learning and enjoying life.

He also had huge transformations in himself, with a daily practice of meditation.

Traysiah and Thomas have come together with their experience and passion for how meditation can transform your life, and they co-created Simple Silence.

Simple Silence is a culmination of a lifetime of practicing meditation and exploring and absorbing knowledge about our inner world of awareness. 

The greatest gift I have ever received in my life, is the gift of my own mantra and the technique of how to dive deep into my own silent nature.

I wanted to share this gift with others. Especially those that feel they can't meditate. That they have no silence within. These are the souls that need it the most. Everyone needs to be reminded that they have an infinite resource of silence and peace and hoy and healing with in them. When we truly remember this, then it helps us find balance in all areas of our life.

Traysiah and Thomas have discovered that the simpler that they live, the more available to their own simple place of silence within. We have our own sahngrala - it is within yourself.

What if we are all one pure field of awareness underlying all the surface diversity and we have just forgotten?

And our soul's purpose is to peel away the thick layers of forgetting, to allow for deep remembering of who we already are at our essence, and have always been.

Our vision of OneAwareness is to create a safe online sanctuary for us all to explore together, the purpose and path of our souls. We envision an online community that meditate and do an uplifting daily routine together. We can share knowledge of our discoveries of our soul journeys and be a place to feel at home in your soul.

We offer transformational workshops and programs that guide us in discovering our Soul's epic journey of remembering who we really are and why we are here.

By using powerful modern holistic modalities, along with timeless ancient wisdom, we can help strip away the layers of who we are not, and allow our true selves to be revealed.

At this connected level of ourselves, deep peace, compassion and joy, are awaiting our discovery.